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Many of Dr. Scherer’s dental implant patients know that their dental implants are designed to be permanent, but unfortunately, many of them also believe they will be relatively carefree, requiring little to no maintenance. Though dental implants are easy to care for, they are not carefree. Dr. Scherer wants you to enjoy your dental implants for the rest of your life, and part of taking care of them includes visiting dental care professionals on a regular basis. Keep reading as we discuss more about dental implants and how to keep them strong and healthy.

Why Choose Dental Implants As Your Tooth Restoration Option?

Patients experience many amazing benefits when they choose dental implants as their tooth restoration option. Overall, dental implants look, function, and feel more like natural teeth than any other option on the dental market today. More specifically, the benefits of dental implants include:

    • Extreme longevity, meaning patients probably won’t need to have them replaced within their lifetimes.
    • Cost-efficiency. While dental implants can be a bigger upfront investment because they last so long, they are far cheaper in the long run.
    • Preservation of the facial profile. When a person loses a tooth, the bone can often recede in this area, causing a sagging jaw that affects the appearance. Dental implants stimulate the bone, so this doesn’t happen.
    • Improved fit, as dental implants won’t get loose or slip out of place like dentures.
    • Keeping other teeth healthy, as crowns and bridges often rely on grinding down adjacent teeth to act as an anchor for the replacement tooth.
    • No eating or drinking limitations. With dental implants, patients can eat and drink whatever they’d like without fear.
    • Easier to clean, as patients just need to maintain them like they do their normal teeth.

Check Ups After the Placement of Your Dental Implants

Immediately after having your dental implants placed, men and women will be required to visit Dr. Scherer for a few follow-up appointments to ensure everything is going as planned. In order to protect your new dental implants after your surgery, patients should be careful to:

    • Not disturb the surgery site or sites
    • Rest
    • Eat a diet of soft foods and liquids for the first week
    • Manage your pain with over the counter pain relievers or prescribed medication
    • Address any bleeding or swelling you experience appropriately
    • Call Dr. Scherer with any questions or concerns

After Dr. Scherer has released you to the care of your general dentist, it will be important to begin regular bi-annual cleanings with them. If your dentist prefers that you visit more frequently, do so as recommended. You want to protect your investment and your overall oral health, so follow the doctor’s orders.

Remember, if at any time your dental implants don’t feel “right” or they begin to cause you pain, call Dr. Scherer right away to schedule an appointment.

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