Losing a tooth can often feel like the end of the world.  When someone loses a tooth, their once-perfect grin is now tarnished with an unaesthetic gap, and depending on where the tooth is missing from, they may also experience issues with eating and speaking. Dr. Scherer knows how tough this situation is, which is why he is proud to offer dental implants to his patients.

About Dental Implants

With the help of dental implants, Dr. Scherer can restore a patient’s smile and improve functionality in the mouth. A dental implant is a small titanium screw that is surgically placed inside the jawbone. Over the span of a few months, the implant bonds with the bone and basically becomes a replacement tooth root. Once this happens, Dr. Scherer can attach a replacement crown or bridge to the implant.

Dental implants are permanent because they bond with the bone. While the exterior crown or bridge may eventually need to be replaced, the implant should stay stable enough to support these prosthetics for years to come for patients.


Benefits of Dental Implants

The benefits of dental implants for patients are practically limitless. Overall, dental implants look, function, and feel better than other tooth-replacement solutions. Specifically, some of their advantages include:

    • Extreme longevity, meaning patients probably won’t need to have them replaced within their lifetimes.
    • Cost-efficiency. While dental implants can be a bigger upfront investment, because they last so long, they are far cheaper in the long run.
    • Preservation of the facial profile. When a person loses a tooth, the bone can often recede in this area, causing a sagging jaw that affects the appearance. Dental implants stimulate the bone so this doesn’t happen.
    • Improved fit, as dental implants won’t get loose or slip out of place like dentures.
    • Keeping other teeth healthy, as crowns and bridges often rely on grinding down adjacent teeth to act as an anchor for the replacement tooth.
    • No eating or drinking limitations. With dental implants, patients can eat and drink whatever they’d like without fear.
    • Easy cleaning, as patients just need to maintain them like they do their normal teeth.

Meet Dr. Scherer

Oral Surgeon

Patients trust in Dr. Scherer because of his professional yet caring approach to their oral health. This friendly attitude is reflected throughout the practice.

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Candidates for Dental Implants

When a patient comes into Dr. Scherer’s office curious about dental implants, his first goal is to learn more about their expectations and see if they are a candidate for the procedure. Unfortunately, not everyone is at first, as patients do need to have enough bone in the jaw to support the implants. Luckily, bone grafting is always an option for patients who might be struggling with this issue, which helps rebuild the jaw so dental implants will have a place to go.

To ensure candidacy for dental implants, Dr. Scherer will perform an oral exam to get an idea of the overall condition of the mouth as well as take X-rays and other images to see what’s happening beneath the surface. Along with the patient’s medical history, this should be enough for him to know whether the patient can support dental implants.

Generally, patients with the following issues can benefit from dental implants:

    • Teeth lost from trauma or injury
    • Patients born without teeth
    • Teeth lost from decay or infection

Additionally, patients will need to be finished with their facial growth before Dr. Scherer can perform implant placement. This is about age 16 for girls and age 18 for boys.

Quotation Mark
“Dr. Scherer and his staff were great! I was nervous before my procedure but they were able to ease my nerves. While maintaining his professionalism, Dr. Scherer was able to joke around and make me feel 100% comfortable in the chair. He is very knowledgable and does a great job explaining everything to the patient. I would highly recommend his practice. -Becky N.”
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How Dr. Scherer Uses the Latest Dental Implant Technology

From the very first consultation at his office, Dr. Scherer will use his advanced knowledge of the latest dental implant practices to ensure patients are receiving the very best experience possible. One of these advances is the ability to use single-stage implants.

In the past, placing implants required two procedures: one to insert the implants into the jaw, and a second to uncover them and place the abutment (the small post onto which the crown or bridge attaches). Because Dr. Scherer uses only the latest technology, he has eliminated this second procedure, giving his patients an even easier road to a great smile. Now, all they have to do is wait about three months for the implant to heal, and their replacement teeth can be placed without a second surgery.

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