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Wheaton Oral Surgery and Implant Center

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This experience was beyond my wildest dreams

I used to think twice before I would go out in public. I was always thinking of how I was going to eat and look. Based on my dentist's recommendation, I researched and thought this dental implant All on 4 procedure is what I needed since I couldn't stand to remove my false teeth at bedtime. I would recommend this procedure to my friends and family. This experience was beyond my wildest dreams, I had no pain at all and I never even took an Aspirin! I had a very pleasant experience here.

- Richard K

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Excellent job explaining everything and answering questions

I will most definitely refer any friends and family. The staff was very friendly and all members did an excellent job explaining everything and answering questions. I will definitely be back for any future needs! Thanks everyone!

- Jordan G

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You are the best!

I always know I can expect the very best of care from the entire staff. I appreciate my doctor recommending Dr. Scherer to me. You are the best!

- Judy V.

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Pleasant and very efficient

Dr. Scherer and staff were pleasant and very efficient.

- Kathryn C.

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Well oiled machine

All I had contact with were very friendly and willing to answer any questions. Dr. Scherer and Jennifer work like a "well oiled machine".

- Walter G.

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Excellent Service and professionalism

Excellent Service and professionalism.

- Brendan C.

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You really put me at ease early on

I just wanted to send a thank you to all of you at the office. If you remember I let you know what a big chicken I was already about dental issues, and to go to a new dentist just freaks me out. You really put me at ease early on. I also felt the same when I met Dr. Scherer, and I am so glad I was referred to your office. Everyone from the ladies in reception, to all of the other staff I had contact with, were all just wonderful. Of course on the day of the surgery I was pretty much a basket case and everyone was great, they really helped me calm down a tiny little bit ;). Another amazing thing about this practice is that everyone was on time for my consultation visit and the surgery. And come on, that rarely happens these days. I truly cannot say enough good things about all of you. Please keep up the good work, and I'm certain you will have more satisfied patients.

- Myra R

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I was impressed by Dr. Scherer and all the women who assisted him

This was a new experience for me and I was nervous about it. It definitely was not what my imagination had pictured it to be. I was impressed by Dr. Scherer and all the women who assisted him. I wish to thank them for taking good care of me.

- Ruth G

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I love the music selection!

I love the music selection! It was a great distraction while getting my tooth extracted.

- Tiffany M

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Excellent care and service

As always, excellent care and service. If I had to have this done anywhere (extraction), it would be your office!

- Kathy R

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Great experience

Great experience; glad to have such professional care.

- Byron T

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I didn't feel a thing

Dr. Scherer pulled my tooth and I didn't feel a thing.

- Alyssa S

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We were impressed

Dulce is a wonderful and caring person. We were impressed with how she explained everything and answered all of our questions and took her time with us. She is a wonderful addition to your staff! She was helpful in calming my fears regarding surgery.

- Gerri W.

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I had such a marvelous experience!

I had such a marvelous experience! My wisdom teeth extraction was much better than anticipated! Your office is and will be recommended as the best! The reception staff very helpful.

- Lily B.

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Very professional yet friendly

Very professional yet friendly, both of which are important to the patient. Summer has a cheerful disposition and an A plus as and employee.

- Marion R.

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The best oral surgeon office visit I have ever had

Thank you to you and your staff for making this the best oral surgeon office visit I have ever had for myself or my family members. I am recommending you to anyone who needs an excellent oral surgeon and staff!

- Maureen B.

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Highly recommend this office to my friends and family

I would highly recommend this office to my friends and family if they ever need oral surgery!

- Luke K.

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All great, smiling and friendly staff

Took good care of my mother and she is doing very well. All great, smiling and friendly staff.

- Brian H.

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Very Efficient and Friendly

The whole staff is very efficient and friendly!

- Larry E.

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Handled Very Well By Everyone

The long wait was not pleasant, of course, but it was handled very well by everyone. Emergencies can happen. ūüôā

- Sean R.

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Very Comforting and Extremely Cautious

Going to the dentist is truly a very frightening experience, but Dr. Scherer and his staff were very comforting and extremely cautious to make sure I did not have pain during my procedure.

- Laureen P.

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Everyone was great!

Highly professional yet also approachable and friendly.

- Daniel J.

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What a great staff!

What a great staff! Everyone was so nice and accommodating. For getting a tooth pulled, it was actually a very good experience at a dental office. From the moment I was greeted to the moment I left, I was treated fantastically! Dr. Scherer is great and loved his humor.

- David V.

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Dr. Scherer is the best!

Dr. Scherer is the best!

- Bob S.

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  • (June 2014) “All of the staff were friendly, and helped calm my nervousness with smiles and casual chit chat. I can honestly say this was a pain-free experience for which I am grateful! Thank you to each one of you!!”
  • (May 2014) “Who would have thought a tooth extraction would be a pleasant experience?¬† Good job all around!¬† N problems or pain after the procedure.¬† Hopefully I will not have to do it again, but if so, they’re recommended!”
  • (May 2014) “Very professional and courteous staff”
  • (May 2014) “Dr. Scherer and Laura made me feel very much at ease.¬† The office staff was very professional!”
  • (April 2014) “We love Dr. Scherer and his whole team!”
  • (April 2014) “Very professional office staff, and good/complete instructions before and after.¬† Thank you so much.”
  • (April 2014) “The care from Dr. Scherer and his staff is just outstanding.¬† The very best I’ve ever experienced.¬† Thank you!”
  • (April 2014) “The procedure was painless.¬† Everyone at the office was great!¬† Dr. Scherer called to see how I was later that day, that was very caring of him.¬† The next day I was called by a staff member to see how I was doing; also very caring.”
  • (March 2014) “I would recommend your office very highly.¬† I couldn’t believe how fast my appointment was! And painless!”
  • (March 2014) “It was a painless experience.¬† The doctor and the assistant made me feel comfortable, safe, and answered all my questions.¬† I loved the two follow up calls to make sure I was doing great.¬† Great experience overall!”
  • (March 2014) “No one likes to go to the dentist, but if you have to, this is the one for implants and extractions.¬† Dr. Scherer’s office and Dr. Nihill (my primary dentist) work well together to coordinate appointments as necessary.¬†“
  • (February 2014) “Dr. Scherer is simply the best!¬† I have been to four different oral surgeons in my life, and Dr. Scherer is hands down the absolute top of his class!¬† He explained every step of the way, was adamant about the recovery procedures.¬† The pain was minimal and recovery was much faster than anticipated.”
  • (February 2014) “Dr. Scherer is more than outstanding in his field of dentistry.¬† Everyone was professional and compassionate.”
  • (February 2014) “The office is clean and pleasant, and the staff was friendly.¬† The instructions were excellent and Dr. Scherer was outstanding and made my experience free from anxiety.”
  • (February 2014) “It’s always frightening when your child needs surgery.¬† Dr. Scherer and the staff made it so easy.¬† Instead of my son being scared, he was comfortable and actually enjoyed the whole experience.¬† He was curious and wanted to learn about his teeth!¬† I also believe that since he had such a calm procedure, it was evident in his pain free recovery time as well!”
  • (January 2014) “I think that it is rare to see a staff that is so engaged, caring, and kind.¬† Dentistry is stressful and everyone did their best to put me at ease and explain what was going to happen.¬† Well done to everyone! Thanks for your kindness!”
  • (January 2014) “My two visits have been excellent.¬† You and your staff are outstanding.”
  • (January 2014) “I appreciated the two calls to check up on me after surgery.¬† It gave me a chance to ask a question and get¬†a prompt answer.¬† I enjoyed the musical choice during the procedure, singing along in my head took my mind off the surgery.”
  • (January 2014) “Dr. Scherer was fantastic both in explanation of the procedure and the care/comfort of the patient.”
  • (December 2013) “Staff was kind, informative, and efficient.¬† The billing staff was honest and easy to talk to.”
  • (December 2013) “I don’t like dental work and the office staff and procedures, coupled with the detailed instructions for care affter the procedure made for an overall A+ experience! Thanks a lot to All of you!”
  • (October 2013) “Everyone I came in contact with was very professional and very friendly.¬† As apprehensive as I was, they put me at ease right away!¬† I was very impressed that I got 2 follow-up phone calls (one the same evening, and one the following morning) to see how I was doing.¬† That was great!”
  • (October 2013) “Great job by everyone – wonderful group!¬† Post-op recovery excellent!¬† Great instructions!¬† Unbelievably super experience!”
  • (October 2013) “Thank you so much Dr. Scherer and everyone else for taking such good care of me and making me feel comfortable.¬† Thanks also to Erin for helping me with everything from setting up my appointment to taking care of me afterwards!”
  • (October 2013) “Everyone in the office was very pleasant to work with.¬† Dr. Scherer’s surgical assistant was very good; she was thorough yet friendly.¬† Dr. Scherer is very likeable and he put me at ease right away.”
  • (September 2013) “Dear Dr. Scherer, driving from West Dundee to Naperville is a long way to go for oral surgery as there are, no doubt, very competent oral surgeons in our local area.¬† But it is always worth it to me for the Expert and courteous care we receive from your entire staff and especially from you.¬† In addition, I Love working with Dulceanna, she is so professional, thorough, and compassionate. Truly a patient advocate!¬† Thank you again for everything!”
  • (September 2013) “We were very pleased with your office.¬† Your front desk staff and nurse were all very welcoming and helpful and made my daughter’s experience as pleasant as it could be!¬† Jennifer was very nice and made my daughter feel very comfortable.¬† We would recommend your office to anyone that needed your services! Thank you!”
  • (September 2013) “My pre-extraction fears were for naught.¬† Completely painless!”
  • (September 2013) “I was surprised he (Dr. Scherer) was also an M.D.¬† I had a difficult extraction so I was sent by a dentist.¬† He took me right away and did an outstanding job, considering I am 96 years old.”
  • (September 2013) “I so appreciated the efforts of the staff and the doctor to see me on short notice.¬† I appreciate their kindness and excellent treatment, even though I haven’t seen a dentist for a very long time.¬† It was a great experience.”
  • (August 2013) “Dr. Scherer was so amazing.¬† He made me feel so comfortable and at ease with the whole situation.¬† He was quick, confident, and knowledgable.¬† I would recommend him for sure.”
  • (August 2013) “Very good experience, I came in being in horrible pain and very apprehensive.¬† The staff and the doctor were very reassuring and comforting.”
  • (August 2013) “I am surprised with the changes in dentistry, for the better.¬† From x-rays to extractions, everything is different.¬† Even the atmosphere is more pleasant; your decorations and loved the music selections, not the elevator kind.¬† Thank you!:)”
  • (August 2013) “I appreciate your office squeezing me in on the same day I called for an appointment.¬† I had two infected teeth that needed immediate extraction and I appreciate the very professional and immediate service.”
  • (August 2013) ” I was very impressed with EVERYTHING.¬† I was nervous about my daughter’s procedure and was immediately put at ease.¬† Thank you!”
  • (August 2013) “Every staff member I encountered was outstanding.¬† Everyone is very professional and I would recommend Wheaton Oral Surgery to others.¬† I had a great overall experience.”
  • (July 2013) “I was so surprised by how nice everyone was.¬† From making my 1st appointment on the phone, all the way to the follow up call I got after my procedure.¬† Everyone was so nice adn helpful and made for a Great experience.¬† I was so pleased with this process, there was no stress! Thank you!”
  • (June 2013) “I had absolutely no after-effects after tooth #1 and #2 were removed.¬† No meds were taken after the procedure, and I was not numb by the time I got home! Great job!”
  • (May 2013) “The environment was welcoming and comfortable; during the procedure, the constant frequent explanations helped ease the process.”
  • (May 2013) “I feel confident with Dr. Scherer’s skills and advisements.¬† I appreciate the cooperation/consultation between Dr. Nihill and Dr. Scherer as well as the coordination of his treatment plan with my up-coming hip surgery.¬† For all the times I’ve interacted with this office, I’ve always been treated courteously.”¬† (Implant Patient)
  • (May 2013) “I would not trust my mouth to anyone else! Great Doctor and Staff! (Bar Attachment Denture patient)
  • (May 2013) “I was very pleased with Dr. Scherer and the entire staff.”
  • (April 3013) “Everyone had been extremely courteous and friendly.¬† I received thorough information on all procedures; explanations were clear and understood.¬† Very happy with the follow-up call on the day of surgery, it was sincere and thoughtful.¬† Thank you!”
  • (April 2013)¬† “My dental procedure went extremely well.¬† I had this date hanging over my head for a couple of months with a lot of time to worry about it; however the procedure was done very efficiently and I had NOTHING to worry about!¬† The doctor and his staff were very professional and highly trained; I couldn’t be happier!”¬† (Bar Attachment Denture, Teeth in a Day patient)
  • (April 2013) “Everyone was so kind, caring, and helpful.¬† I could never give you enough praise!”
  • (March 2013) “Excellent service, will highly recommend your services!”
  • (March 2013) “Dear Dr. Scherer, I am feeling very grateful for your willingness to help me when I was in such pain.¬† My words cannot do an adequate job but I want to say how deeply I appreciate your surgery skill as well as your kind care.¬† I have and will continue to spread your praise as an expert in oral surgery! Thank you!”
  • (March 2013) “For having to have 2 teeth pulled in one month, your entire staff made the whole experience very positive!¬† I felt very relaxed and highly educated on the whole process. Nicely done!”
  • (March 2013) “Having a childhood history of very frightening dental care, your whole staff put me at ease and took the fear away, thank you so much.”
  • (February 2013) “Dr. Scherer, I would like to thank you and your team for the amazing job that was done to fix my broken jaw.¬† You helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel and made it easier for me to deal with it.¬† I am still amazed at how well everything went and I am thankful for everything.¬† Thank you so much! P.S. Food has never tasted so good!”
  • (February 2013) “I had a referral from Dr. Mitra in Yorkville for an immediate extraction.¬† I got in the same day, was treated nicely and even though I was petrified, they did everything they could to calm my nerves.¬† Dr. Scherer was careful and did a wonderful job, keeping my fear in mind.¬† Wonderful people, I would recommend again to anyone!”
  • (January 2013) “We can’t thank Dr. Scherer and his staff enough for making my daughter’s procedure such a sucess.¬† Dr. Scherer and his nurse Jennifer went out of their way to make the process relaxing, pain-free, and fast.¬† Thank you again!”
  • (December 2012) “4 extractions went well! No nausea afterwards and minimal pain on Day 1.¬† Day 2-3 were normal swelling/discomfort.¬† I really appreciated the follow up calls! I would be more than happy to provide positive references! Many Thanks!”
  • (June 2012) “Dear Doctor Scherer, thank you for taking such good care of my daughter.¬† I never imagined that she would go in for a consultation and come out with her wisdom teeth already extracted.¬† I appreciate that you recognized the urgency of this due to her upcoming medical procedure.¬† Thanks so much!”
  • (June 2012) “Dear Dr. Scherer and Staff, thank you so much for removing my wisdom tooth on a days notice! I was in so much pain and you helped me.¬† Everything was so comforting and easy.¬† I’m so glad I came to you with my tooth ache.¬† Hopefully I won’t need any more urgent teeth pulling visits, but I will keep you in mind for my other 3 wisdom teeth. Thank you!”
  • (April 2012) “Losing my two lower molars made it hard to eat the foods I once enjoyed. I was tired of watching everyone else eat what I could no longer eat. Dental implants changed my life. The entire process was a ‚Äúpiece of cake‚ÄĚ and very quick; I’m looking forward to eating like everyone else again.” (Implant patient)
  • (April 2012) “Hello Dr. Scherer, Just a note of thank you! For all the excellent care you always give me, as well as your kind and thoughtful ways.¬† You truly are an exceptional Doctor, and person.”
  • (February 2012) Would I recommend dental implants to my family and friends? “Yes, I definitely would, in fact I already have.¬† The experience was far less traumatic than I had expected, it was virtually painless.”
  • (February 2012) “I had several teeth that were decayed and damaged.¬† I had difficulty eating and problem’s throughout my life.¬† I chose to have this procedure because it was the best possible option for long-term care.¬† I would absolutely recommend this procedure to friends.¬† Dr. Scherer’s staff is very professional and personable!¬† I received an in-depth explanation of all procedures and all of my questions were answered.”¬† (Implant patient)
  • (December 2011) “Dr. Scherer, Thank you for making getting my tooth pulled as positive experience as possible.¬† I really appreciate you calling later that evening to check in on me and squeezing me in for an appointment to alleviate my concern about it being infected – many doctors don’t do that.¬† Your office staff were all very pleasant and helpful which was refreshing.¬† Your approach to “caring” for patients is a key differentiator in your business!”
  • (July 2011) “Dr. Scherer and Staff, Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my daughter.¬† You and your staff went above and beyond to make her feel comfortable during her recovery.¬† We both appreciate your gentle care and calming words and highly recommend you.”
  • (March 2011) “Being 70 years old when I had the implant done by Dr. Scherer I had a lot of questions which he answered even during the procedures. ¬†Everything went smoothly during my visits, and I had no pain whatsoever. ¬†All worked out well with the crown and my dentist was very pleased with the implant. ¬†Have had a previous extraction with Dr. Scherer and had no pain either.